Touching is Learning...

TacScreen is a simple bumpy film screen cover that delivers vital tactile stimulation for students or patients diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, loss of cognitive functionality due to age or brain injury & ADHD. Not to mention the benefit to early advanced learners. Transform any touch screen tablet into a multi-sensory learning device by adding the sense of tactile stimulation with it's bumpy protective film screen.

Professional Reviews of TacScreen

"TacScreen has opened the door to the best of both worlds: tactile learning on top of powerrful interactive apps." Frank Jensen, M.Ed Dexteria Apps

"TacScreen is an amazing multi-sensory tool that capitalizes on the brilliance of touch screen tablets'" Orton Gillingham Online Academy

"TacScreen has been a phenomenal to my therapy toolkit. My students beg to pratice their names and write new words on my iPad using TacScreen." Speech Language Literacy Lab

"I think that every child who uses a tablet whether they have a learning disability or not, needs this screen." Special Education Teacher