Is the service FREE to use?

The service is completely free and relies on the good will of the educational community to share links to resources, guidance and support. 


How do I add a resource to the directory?

The Remote Learning Community Platform is completely FREE to use. It relies on the educational community to contribute links to the 'Resource Directory'.

If you are an educator, expert or anyone with a resource link to contribute, please Share a Link here

Fill in the resource sharing form. 

Once the resource has been approved, you'll receive an email informing you your resource has been added to the  directory. 





How do I edit a resource I've previously added to the directory?

Simply resubmit the resource and contact us to take down the previous version.


The Resource I want to share doesn't have a Web Address?

If you're sharing a resource which doesn't have a web address, why not set up a DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive folder. Enable sharing on the folder, obtain the address and paste it into the 'Resource link' field. 

The following links provide video walkthroughs on how to share files and folders: 

How to share a DropBox File or Folder
How to Create a Shared Folder in Google Drive
Share OneDrive Folders and Files 

! Important: When adding and links please ensure you add the full URL address, it should have https:// or http:// in front of it.

Ownership and Intellectual Property

The platform acts as a curated link service, all resources are located where they have been originally published. No resources are uploaded to this service, only linked to via the Resources Directory

All resources therefore remain the intellectual property of the organisations/individuals who created them and are credited throughout the site. 

I need support using the service, how do I access support?

Most of the time, users rarely experience an issue using the platform. If you do have a question or require further support, please use the contact form.