Monitoring Student Wellbeing when Remote Learning

Audience: Teachers and Leaders

Check-in with Students' Emotions and Wellbeing
(From an idea by Microsoft ED)

As teachers and leaders we always place the wellbeing of our students at the forefront of our work. In the coming weeks it is going to become even more important to monitor our learner's emotional wellbeing. The *most* important thing we can do in the coming weeks as more and more courses shift to remote learning has nothing to do with content. Community, belonging, and your presence will matter as much, if not more, than the material you are teaching. Caring will be crucial. 

Emotions can have a big impact on learning and wellbeing. Switching to remote learning can make expressing and understanding emotions a little trickier. Check-ins can help members of your school community feel heard, valued, and connected during remote learning.

Yes - we can use Web Chat to connect with our learners, we can ask them how they're feeling. However not all students know how and when to communicate about their feelings, and there is often not enough time in the day to connect with every student 1-1.  Consistent communication between you and your learners can help them process their feelings and improve their sense of belonging, wellbeing, and engagement in learning.

This is where 'Student Checkins' come in - why not set up an online form to capture how your students' feelings.

Online Forms and Student Wellbeing Checkins

There are lots of different platforms providing teachers with the means of creating online forms. You can create a simple form using Google Forms, Survey Monkey and Microsoft Forms to name but a few.. 

Add Wellbeing Checkins to your plans for Remote Learning

You're not having as much contact with your students, so its important to develop consistency in when you check-in with them. Here are some helpful times to check-in:

  1. At the start of the day or after lunch.
  2. After an assignment or an activity.
  3. When an event impacts your school community.
  4. If a student seems to need additional support.
  5. You may also decide to set up a check-in that students can use whenever they feel they need it.

Its also important to make your students aware of when you'll be checking in and who they should contact if they need immediate help. You can set up an alert of a form to send you an email when a form reponse has been submitted (You can copy others into this email alert too). 

Important: It is important that procedures surrounding student safeguarding during remote learning are clear to students, educators, and families and that they are applied consistently. 

Online Forms and Student Wellbeing Checkins

The Microsoft Ed Team have done a great job creating 'Check-in' forms, you can download/view them here. They're also really useful in helping you to design your own 'Well-being' Check-ins'  'Student Wellbeing Check-in Form Template' 

Download/View Form