Guidance & Support

These are unprecedented times for schools who are now needing to support remote learning. Educators, teachers and education companies are coming together in a shared goal of keeping learning going throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.  With this in mind, we think one of the best contributions we can make to support everyone through these uncertain times is sharing what we and the educational community already know about remote learning outside of the traditional classroom.

Remote Learning Is Not Enough!

When it comes to home learning, as any Headteacher or Senior Leader knows, it’s not enough to just provide an online learning equivalent. Not only does the quality and quantity of online devices and computers at home vary hugely, but parents will also have varying capacities in their time or confidence to keep children going. 

So, to help, we’ve brought together the following collection of guides, advice, tips and additional teaching resources, all centred around remote learning. 

We recommend adding a link to this page on your own school website to provide another source of support and guidance for parents on their home learning journey.