What's this About?

This site is all about contributing something back to the learning community, so be kind! 

The platform aims to support educators, learners, parents and leaders during a potentially lengthy period of  school closure due to the Global COVID-19 pandemic. Remote-Learning.Online aims to aggregate and share resources, experiences and guidance from across the community.

The site has been developed by Gavin Richards (@remotelearning); an educationalist specialising in professional collaboration (creator of CPD Portal and CPD Portal-SW) and Maria Richards (@infeducation)Educational Consultant with a specialism in raising standards in English/Literacy. With the aim of supporting the educational community during a challenging time. Its entirely free, although is does rely on the community to share and contribute links to useful resources.

Please Share a Link

If every educator who follows us on Twitter contributed just 1 resource LINK to the Resource Directory, we'd have a huge bank of free remote and online learning resources for the educational community,

!Important:  The platform acts as a curated link service, all resources are located where they have been originally published. No resources are uploaded to this service, only linked to via the Resources Directory. All resources therefore remain the intellectual property of the organisations/individuals who created them and are credited throughout the site. 

Some considerations for remote learning:

(1) Not every student has internet access. Consider how you will support these learners and prioritise support for them. 
(2) Putting things online and changing nothing, doesn't enhance learning. Adapt the resource to the platform.
(3) Learning is not just about content.

You can access guidance on designing online activities and resources in the useful links on this page.


"At Remote-Learning.online we’re on a mission to create a connected learning community platform. Save time and energy by sharing our collective experiences, guidance and resources relating to online learning"


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